Friday, June 17, 2011


I am many arms of light, eyes illumined, extended and holding nothing, chasing darkness, expanding, permeable and impermanent, bright and traveling beyond the drag of gravity even though gravity penetrates everything and everywhere.

More silent than the pause before whispers and weighing no more than a fist full of photons. In this form I rise from the cold dark recess of the belly and ascend through the spine of my bent body, untied from second guesses and released from obligations.

I am present – no more and no less – in a state where my mind opens. I am telling no one what to think and I am pressed to form no thought of my own other than to witness this awakening beyond what I can describe.

What better answer could I offer than this to questions about what happens next, how should I be, and what was I supposed to do with my short time here?