Sunday, November 15, 2009


I want reassurance, peace, unity,
Room to grow without relinquishing the honey sweet -
I want a mind that expands forever
And freedom from the delay of nuance.

I want the noises in my head to cease,
And for you to stop asking me to help you.
I want someone who will take care of me
And I want to believe that someone truly could.

I want to stop lying to myself
And a sudden end to all self betrayals -
I want happiness to fall from my mouth, mind, and deeds,
And the freedom to die when and how I choose.

I want you to be happy so I can stop worrying.
I want to be alone except when I don’t.
I want you with me whenever I cry
But I want you to know when it’s time to leave.

I want to change the subject at will
And to take on what I can at a survivable pace.
Imagine moving forward without knocking things over.
Or to someday face loss with something like courage

You and I drift now with aimless kisses -
And make too much of these many small things.
Can you put in an order for safe explosion,
And find out how long the next step will take?

Thank you.
I can wait.

November 2009

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